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Olympic swimming champion Sharon van Rouwendaal.

Van Rouwendaal holds the Dutch record on the 200 meter backstroke, the 200 meter butterfly stroke, the 400 meter freestyle, the 800 meter freestyle and the 1500 meter freestyle on both the short and long track.

During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Van Rouwendaal won the gold medal on the 10 km open water.

As you may know she has been suffering from a lingering shoulder injury for years, that is now better with Xpoboost !! Wow!

She is currently preparing for a tough training in France where she trains under the guidance of Philippe Lucas at MUC Montpellier Natation. The goal of the June 2020 Olympics in Japan is of course Olympic gold, partly with the help of our Xpoboost products!

Sharon van Rouwendaal