Xpoboost Mini T, Timer & Bluetooth


Xpoboost Mini T, with Timer function and Bluetooth.

From € 21.39 p / month in installments

This Module can be connected via bluetooth to the other Xpoboost T models, so you can turn up to 6 modules on and off simultaneously by pressing one button.
Timer function with adjustable time from 5-10-15–20-25-30 minutes.

Why Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth function makes it possible to link different or the same Xpoboost T models and to switch them on and off simultaneously in combination with the timer function. For example, if you first buy an Xpoboost Mini, and you want a larger module later, you can, for example, connect a 2nd Xpoboost Mini (or Medi-Maxi) and you still have a larger radiation surface. That way you won’t regret your purchase soon!

With static and fan cooling.
For professional and home use.
Including suspension hooks, adjustable suspension cable and connecting cable

Number of LEDs 60 pieces
Including suspension hook / wall bracket, adjustable suspension cable and connecting cable
** Support / foot shown not included, to be ordered separately. **

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Xpoboost Mini T, with Timer function and Bluetooth.
From € 21.39 p / month in installments

Why Xpoboost with bluetooth?

This module can be connected via bluetooth to the other Xpoboost T models, so you can switch up and on 6 modules simultaneously by operating one button .

Why a timer

By setting the timer you don’t have to pay attention to the time, because it is very tempting to stay in the Xpoboost light longer than necessary.

With the supplied door and wall hook I can hang the Xpoboost Mini T, can I also put it down?

That is certainly possible, order the standard 3-position adjustable here

This stand can be placed on the floor (for example for the knee) or on the table (face / neck).


Dimensions & specifications:

Size: 38,5 x 23,5 x 5,5 cm


Number of LEDs: 60

30 pieces x 660NM

30 pieces x 850 NM


Explanation Xpoboost light therapy, we are talking about our smallest cells, our basis.

Hormone problem
As you may already know, light is very important for our health. In the meantime it became clear that MS, Multiple Sclerosis, is much more common in our region compared to people who live closer to the equator (more sun). In principle, it is better to illuminate as much skin as possible with light, just as the sun can also achieve the best reactions in that case.
We hold back the benefit of the sun in our daily lives by, among other things, sunglasses, makeup, sunscreen, turtlenecks, shawls, etc.
Even worse, we hardly get out of the house and double our body functions due to incorrect artificial light, light behind glass, screens, disturbed biorhythm, constant warm temperature at any time of the day, etc.
Hormone housekeeping is completely upset (not just about nutrition and stress), which means that you will develop all sorts of complaints

The effect of light therapy is very broad
Because the mitochondria in the cells can absorb extra oxygen for the combustion process, food is absorbed better.
The improved metabolism improves the functioning of the cells.
Damaged cells can recover and the communication of the cells is optimized (better transfer of tasks to be performed by the cells).
Most disorders are caused by deteriorated cell functioning (weak immune system), and little energy in the mitochondria.
Is this improved by the light, you can see that much can be improved.
We improve our smallest cells, our basis.

Head, neck, eyes
The functions (production / functioning of hormones) of our eyes, pituitary gland and thyroid gland can be greatly improved by irradiating them (head / neck) with a small Xpoboost (Mini) module.
Our self-healing capacity is clearly improved by this alone.
This also means that disorders large or small, or at a completely different location than neck and face, can also improve or disappear.

Immune system
Since the majority of our immune system concerns our intestinal system, it is also important to illuminate the abdomen. This is also possible with a small Xpoboost module, but it takes more time to irradiate a large part or more parts of the body. If you want to irradiate larger surfaces,
the use of a larger and therefore more user-friendly Xpoboost module is recommended.
The lower price is of course the advantage of the smaller Xpoboost modules.

If the plan is to treat a sprained ankle, skin problem spots or wound, for example,
it is always advisable to first irradiate the head, neck and abdomen (eg 10 minutes).
As a result, the self-healing capacity will become stronger and therefore also the local complaint.
You can then treat the location separately (also 10 minutes).
In total 30 minutes is the maximum treatment time, longer treatment is not better.
Usually 10 minutes at 1 location, or, at 2 locations, 2x 10 minutes is sufficient.

Time and distance
The distance between lamp and body, and the time unit depend on each other.
You can, for example, treat the maximum time unit of 30 minutes, at great distances such as 40-50 cm.
The distance between lamp and body becomes shorter, the treatment time can be shorter.
At 25-30 cm, 10 minutes is sufficient.
With joints, muscles and tendons, the lamp may be up to a distance of approximately 5 cm, 10 minutes is therefore sufficient
Head: People don’t find me closer than 15 cm

Additional information

Number of LEDs

60 pieces

Spectrum and number

30 pieces 660NM + 30 pieces 850NM

Irradiation capacity

max.100 MW per cm2




90 watt


38 x 21 x 7,5 cm


5 kg


Suspension hook and cable, connection cable


Support / foot not shown


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