Marielle L.
On the advice of our therapist, I purchased the Xpoboost for my son. He has very bad teeth with many holes and abscesses. Within 2 days after using the lamp you saw the abscesses shrink. We have been using the XPOboost for a few months now and all abscesses have disappeared, and the caries in his teeth now seem stable! The guidance at XPOboost is very nice and they really think along with you!

Michel – September 10, 2019
Michel, (53 yrs) Diagnosis PSC (liver disease) and Colitits Ulcerosa).
Just an update, I use the Xpoboost Maxi from early 2018.
I have not had any ulcerative colitis within a few weeks of using the Xpo Maxi. Recently I had a colonoscopy (bowel examination) and there was no sign of Colitis Ulcerosa.
I also expected because I have not been bothered by it for more than a year and a half. Also I have not had any sepsis because of the PSC, less pain and more energy, Super!

Willem, December 2018.
Although I am already 80 years old and have been bald on my head for 40 years, hair started to grow again after a few weeks. I could hardly believe it. First some downy hairs and later they became thicker and even darker in color. I actually bought the lamp for joints and recovery after surgery and that works wonderfully. Less trouble with joints and less pain. A quick recovery at my age is special in itself, and that is this lamp too!

Charlotte Wiering -Theraphist, September 13, 2019
I experience more energy myself, my ability to concentrate is better and my neck has become more flexible (by-catch, because it didn’t bother me). My husband has (had) back problems and noticed that the recovery is much faster with the Xpoboost.
I initially bought the device for my practice so that I can help my clients with it, but because I myself benefit from it, I wanted to keep it myself and quickly bought a second one for the practice. We don’t want to live without :-). For the upcoming winter months, I also think it would be wonderful to have such a sun in the house.

Family Smits – September 10, 2019
We are both more than 80 years old. My husband has “sun damage” spots on his scalp and is bothered by his joints. The Xpoboost Mini works well for both, but it is also striking that it has more meaning in life and is in a better mood. Really worth the money.
Fam. Smits

Ingrid – July 24, 2019
What a great light therapy lamp. I can not live without. It helped me to regain physical and mental balance.
After a longer period of stress I got all sorts of physical complaints. Several physical examinations such as bowel and stomach examination. Uterine examination, examination for rheumatism and the immune system. Also had physiotherapy for pain in the arm, shoulders, neck. This helped, but the complaints kept coming back. In addition to the complaints mentioned above, I also suffered from general stiffness, back pain and little energy. I really felt 10 years older.
Fortunately they couldn’t find anything in the hospital, but the complaints were still there. I never knew you could make your body so sick yourself.
When I started with Xpoboost light therapy, I soon realized that the therapy lamp had a positive effect on all my complaints. I also felt that the lamp reduces stress. I felt really calmer inside.
I got more energy, the stiffness became less, I felt more and more vital every day. My depression has turned into positive thinking. I am looking forward to life again and I have energy to pick up new things, whereby I consciously pay attention to whether those new things give me energy or cost me. I also feel 10 years younger instead of older.
I sit 10-15 minutes in front of the light therapy lamp every day and therefore I remain vital. Complaints in the back and shoulders disappear quickly. It also helps to maintain my immune system.
I recommend everyone to start using Xpoboost, it really helps to get and stay healthy. The body repairs itself with this, how beautiful is that?

Sander, Germany / Germany
Not expected: For my wife, we purchased an Xpoboost Medi because of her painful joints. She does have a slight improvement in the complaints. What we did not expect is that my health has improved so much. I have had a lot of dust mite allergies, a lot of mucus and poor condition / fatigue.

Since using the Xpoboost Medi many times better condition within a few weeks, mucus formation has already been reduced to zero. Super happy with this purchase.

Johan, Depression and PTSD
I have had the Xpoboost Medi in house for half a year. I use this for 10 minutes every morning, and about 3 times a week also for 10 minutes early in the evening. My peace of mind has improved considerably, I also have more energy and more positive thoughts than the last 10 years. I can plan better and I am more interested in getting among people. Everything goes better in general, it may sound incredible, but it really is. I had no idea that this light was so important for your entire system, so you see. I can recommend it to anyone, and certainly if you already have complaints.

Laura, 22 years old
I have good results, fewer spots and the skin looks better. I am now working on stretch marks on my leg. I treated one side and not the other side, after 4 weeks it is surely not gone, but see a clear difference!

I have a very different reaction, I have a cat that became more and more sick, hardly moved anymore and didn’t eat anymore. At the vet I took pictures, got syringes and finally Prednisone, after that the cat became sicker and started shivering. Called the vet again, who indicated to better euthanize the animal, but I still took him home. I thought I would also put the cat under the therapy lamp, see if it does something. He remained well under the lamp, but did not do anything more than lie. He seemed more dead than alive. The next day the cat walked up and down the stairs again, and started to eat something again !! I called the vet again, he indicated that it was a temporary revival and that he would be dead within a week. Now a few more weeks later, the cat eats and moves a lot better. Eventually of course he will die just like everyone else, because he is old of course. Very special!

Jaimy van Eck, 24 years old
As an active athlete I try to take my diet and sleep patterns into account, in order to give my body the peace it needs. Although I often take this into account, I regularly suffer from various injuries. These injuries are mainly muscle injuries due to overload. My physiotherapist explains that this is because my body takes a little longer than average to separate and repair waste.

To change something about this, I diligently went looking for possible solutions. Filled with words, today it seems to be an exception if you don’t take dietary supplements and other substances. In my area I hear people constantly and on social media you are thrown to death with it.

I specifically went looking for a solution for rapid acidification and a slow recovery. Via via I heard about the use of LED lighting to stimulate recovery. Since I had little knowledge about this subject, I started to delve into it. For example, I gained knowledge about the functioning of mitochondria, among others. I saw that in America a similar product has been on the market for some years with very good user experiences. The device is more expensive there, and also the shipping costs and VAT were added, so not an option for me.

My father advised me to start with this non-invasive light treatment from Xpoboost. My father has since purchased the device and I don’t know any better. Every other day I stand fifteen minutes in front of the lamp and I noticed a difference from day one. The way of getting tired is completely different. Acidification is no longer an issue and I feel fitter than ever. I currently exercise five to six times a week. I can recommend this form of “being busy with your body” to anyone. It takes me an hour a week and it does not cause any damage in the short or long term. The latter is the most important thing for me, because it makes me feel better and keeps me feeling better.

Michel, 52 years old – Liver disease PSC & Colitus Ulcerosa & lyme borreliosis.
Diagnosed with PSC since 2008; Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (rare progressive liver disease) and lyme. Colitus Ulcerosa has also been established since 2017. My health is irregular, very variable, severe tiredness, inflammation of the bile ducts inside and outside the liver. Sometimes followed by sepsis, resulting in life-threatening situations. Many times had a lot of anti biotics, cocktails and other combinations.

Received via via that a device with LED light could help well. Although I was very skeptical, (didn’t believe it at all, but had nothing to lose) compared to these lamps, I immediately did a session with the LED lights. The result was incredibly positive for me. Immediately after the treatment tired and languid, this varies throughout the days of treatment. (3 times a week, 3 weeks in a row.) Most noticeable was already within 1 week: a painful spot in the upper abdomen had disappeared, but other activity of the liver was felt (presence, certainly no real pain. Striking: This spot was since 2013 permanently present, a painful place in the liver region.

If this pain got worse, a sepsis was the result; a serious warning. This painful place has disappeared !. Now much more energy and zest for life.

Someone who is completely healthy will probably not notice such a big difference. Although I have also read from studies with athletes that also clearly improve their performance. At there are a lot of studies that show that photobiomodulation generates very positive results and can contribute a lot to our health and strength.
All-inclusive: incredible result that I NEVER expected.

Anne de W.- Lyme Borreliosis and hernia
I have had Lyme disease, antibiotics for many years and tried many other therapies. Only after 1 treatment light therapy significantly more energy, then energy changing in the first 2 weeks, third week constantly more energy.
I don’t specifically say that I am rid of lyme (we don’t know for sure), but I feel significantly better and have a lot more energy. I also pushed back 2 lumbar vertebrae deep. Regular pain up to the heel and poor walking.
After 2 weeks of light therapy, i was almost practically pain-free and move considerably better. It sometimes comes back, but can now better control it.

John v.E. – 62 years – Liver disease PSC
Familiar with primar sclerosing cholangitis for 5 years. After major abdominal surgery, the Whipple surgery, the surgeon removes the part of the pancreas, along with the duodenum, the gallbladder and a part of the bile duct.

After worrying situations in the hospital, a lot of fatigue once at home. Even after more than half a year, little improvement and condition deteriorated. I saw more and more white, gray and later even really gray. After using the Xpoboost led lamp, significantly more and more constant energy. Even within 4 weeks already a lot of improvement and I get to hear this from acquaintances, who are happy that I look healthy again.

Unbelievable that this is possible. I had never believed this, and in principle I said, I do not believe in those lights. I am so glad I came across this, I can recommend it to anyone.

Gerbrand Wiersema – Inflammation
Fantastic light therapy with the XPOBOOST, so that after 14 days I was cured twice a day for 10 minutes of my inflammated polyps in my forehead. Xpoboost thank you very much. It feels like a miracle has been performed.

My name is John van Eck and I live in Grave. I am 62. At 38 I was doped because I had 1 narrowing in the left coronary artery. At 50 I was doped again, but now because of 5 narrowings. I then received 4 stents. It also turned out that I also have an autoimmune disease (PSC). I was operated on in 2017 because I had malignant cells in my bile duct. I then had to undergo the PPPD surgery in which the bile duct, gallbladder, 12-fingered intestine and half of the pancreas were removed. All these years I have been under the supervision of the cardiologist and later also with the MDL doctor and of course with the surgeon who performed my PPPD surgery.
In April 2018 I became acquainted with the light therapy of Xpoboost and then started to apply the light therapy on a regular basis. Because my blood is taken at least twice a year to determine values ​​such as alat, asat, cholesterol and sugar, I naturally have nice benchmarks. Blood was collected in May 2018 and also in November 2018. These results are of course discussed with the cardiologist and the literal question from the cardiologist was during my last visit in November: “Mr. van Eck, what have you done in the past six months? ” He was surprised because my blood values ​​had never been so beautiful. I told him of the positive experiences with Xpoboost light therapy and he told me that he did believe in it.
Furthermore, in the case of a blood sample taken in October 2018 with regard to my PPPD operation, the value of my Gamma GT (118) and the Alkaline phosphatase (151) the values ​​had fallen to 74 and 92, respectively, compared to the values ​​in December 2017.
John van Eck, Sugar, cholesterol, ASAT, ALAT values ​​improvement.