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Low energy?

If we were to learn earlier how we can live healthier and how our bodies work, far fewer people would be sick. Do you know that we need approximately 60% energy from light? And that only about 40% of our energy comes directly from our (material) food?

Now you can undergo light therapy at home or at one of our therapy centers and enjoy the many proven benefits such as improvement of: skin, nails, hair, nipple fissures, production and release of hormones, metabolism / absorption of food; = very useful for losing weight and arriving of weight.

But there’s more! Much more! Also look at the unprecedented positive user experiences and official research results with autoimmune diseases, inflammation, allergies, depression, burnout, less acidification of muscles, better sleep, hair growth, etc. You will at least have a good mood!

How is that possible? The light works on the smallest cells that make us up, our basis. Cells function better and therefore also our bodily functions.

The newest models Xpoboost with Timer function and bluetooth can be ordered now!

Now with purchase of Xpoboost module: ** not satisfied within 4 weeks, the purchase amount returned! ** (* in complete packaging return and without damage) ** Not in combination with payment in installments **

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Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to use the Xpoboost?

The Xpoboost Led devices deliver red and / or almost infrared light. For skin-related improvements, you only need to treat for 5 minutes at a distance of 50 to 30 centimeters from the device. At approximately 30 to 15 cm from the device you will receive approximately 60 joules of energy within 10 minutes, which is optimal for the overall benefits. Regularity is the key when it comes to light treatment. For the best results we therefore recommend a minimum of 3 treatments per week, up to 7 treatments per week.

Are there special lotions that I should use during or after treatment with Xpoboost?

No, the use of lotion must not negatively influence the benefits of light. Therefore, preferably do not use any means, but rather light clean skin.

How quickly can I expect results from the Xpoboost LED light?

The amount of time required to see improvements depends on the individual health challenges of each person. There are many factors that affect how quickly you can experience an improvement in your symptoms. Some people will see benefits within a few days, others may take 3-12 weeks of consistent use to see results. By using your Xpoboost led light daily, you can maximize the speed of improvement in your body.

Can I wear makeup during the sessions?

Yes, that is possible. For the optimum result, however, it is better not to do that. The light penetrates better on uncovered skin.

Can I use light treatment with breast implants?

We recommend that you consult this with your doctor. One of the most respected experts in the field of photo biomodulation. Hamblin reports that red or NIR light with a reasonable power density (non-heating / no laser) has no effect on plastic (silicone) in breasts. The Xpoboost also contains no laser, but LEDs.

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This is what our customers say

I have had the Xpoboost Medi since a few months. I use this for 10 minutes every morning, and about 3 times a week also for 10 minutes in the evening. My peace of mind has improved considerably, I have more energy and more positive thoughts than the last 10 years. I can plan better and I am more interested in getting out among people. In general, everything goes better, it may sound incredible, but it really is. I had no idea that this light was so important for your entire system, so you see. I can recommend it to anyone, especially if you already have complaints.

Johandepression and PTSD

We, Alise and Jeroen, have been using the XPO boost lamp for approx. 2 months. We mainly experience that we get more sense and more energy to do things. We also enjoy sitting in front of the lamp (lamp with standard) every day. Especially in these dark months it is as if you are basking and recharging yourself in the sun, this gives a positive start to the day in the morning, gloomy feelings disappear through it. We are very satisfied !!!

Jeroen and Alise KramerExperience

I was diagnosed with muscle-sagging disease three years ago. I arrived again after a year of daily injections of human growth hormone (and all the unpleasant side effects). Within a year my weight started to decrease again. I ate like a pig and tried every supplement and every trick I could find to slow down my weight loss. All the extra food usually resulted in more trips to the toilet. I have just completed a one-month trial period for the Xpoboost photobiomodulation unit. After four weeks of 15-minute treatments twice a day, my weight has stabilized, even though I am eating LESS than before. My stomach and other G.I. problems have also disappeared. It is a great relief to think that I can maintain my weight by eating as a normal person. And I really started to enjoy the two daily 15-minute sessions: it's a chance to sit, close my eyes and relax a bit. I paid for the Xpoboost unit today and look forward to its effects in the future.

JimMuscle disease

John van Eck in Grave. My name is John van Eck and I live in Grave. I'm 62. At 38, I was doped because I had 1 narrowing in the left coronary artery. At 50 I was doped again, but now because of 5 narrowings. I then received 4 stents. It also turned out that I also have an autoimmune disease (PSC). I was operated on in 2017 because I had malignant cells in my bile duct. I then had to undergo the PPPD surgery in which the bile duct, gallbladder, 12-fingered intestine and half of the pancreas were removed. All those years I have been under the supervision of the cardiologist and later also with the MDL doctor and of course with the surgeon who performed my PPPD surgery. In April 2018 I became acquainted with the light therapy of Xpoboost and then started basic light therapy. Because my blood is taken at least twice a year to determine values such as alat, asat, cholesterol and sugar, I naturally have nice benchmarks. Blood was collected in May 2018 and also in November 2018. These results are of course discussed with the cardiologist and the literal question from the cardiologist was during my last visit in November: “Mr. van Eck, what have you done in the past six months? "He was surprised because my blood values had never been so beautiful. I told him of the positive experiences with Xpoboost light therapy and he told me that he did believe in it. It is also true that with blood collection in October 2018 regarding my PPPD surgery the value of my Gamma GT (118) and the Alkaline phosphatase (151) the values had fallen to 74 and 92 respectively from the values in December 2017.

John van EckSugar, cholesterol, ASAT, ALAT values improvement

It has now been a week since I visited the fair and was under the lamp. At first I didn't notice much, but a few days later on a walk I felt very energetic and had less pain while walking. That feeling lasted a few days.

JeanetEnergy and pain

I have good results, fewer spots and the skin looks better. I am now working on stretch marks on my leg. I have treated one side and not the other side, after 4 weeks it is not gone, but see a clear difference!

LauraAcne and stretch marks

I have had Lyme disease, antibiotics for many years and tried many other therapies. Only after 1 treatment light therapy significantly more energy, then energy changing in the first 2 weeks, the third week constantly more energy. more energy. I also pushed back 2 lumbar vertebrae deep. With regular pain up to and including the heel and being able to walk poorly. After 2 weeks of light therapy, practically pain-free and significantly better exercise. It sometimes comes back, but can now better control it.

Anne-MarieLyme and hernia

As an active athlete I try to take my diet and sleep patterns into account, in order to give my body the peace it needs. Although I often take this into account, I regularly suffer from various injuries. These injuries are mainly muscle injuries due to overload. My physiotherapist explains that this is because my body takes a little longer than average to separate out and restore waste. To change this, I have been searching diligently for possible solutions. to be an exception if you do not take dietary supplements and other substances. In my area I hear people constantly about it and on social media you are thrown to death with it. I specifically went looking for a solution for rapid acidification and slow recovery. Via via I heard about the use of LED lighting to stimulate recovery. Since I had little knowledge about this subject, I started to delve into it. For example, I gained knowledge about the functioning of mitochondria, among others. I saw that a similar product has been on the market in America for some years with very good user experiences. The device is more expensive there, and the shipping costs and VAT were added, so no option for me. My father advised me to start this non-invasive light treatment from Xpoboost. My father has since purchased the device and I don't know any better. Every other day I stand fifteen minutes in front of the lamp and I noticed a difference from day one. The way of getting tired is completely different. Acidification is no longer an issue and I feel fitter than ever. I currently exercise five to six times a week. I can recommend this form of "being busy with your body" to anyone. It takes me an hour a week and it does not cause any damage in the short or long term. The latter is the most important thing for me, because it makes me feel better and keeps me feeling better.

Jaimy van Eck, 24 years oldMuch less acidification

Sinds 2008 gediagnosticeerd met PSC; Primair Sclerosende Cholangitis ( zeldzame progressieve leveraandoening) en lyme. Sinds 2017 is er ook Colitus Ulcerosa vastgesteld. Onregelmatig is mijn gezondheid, sterk wisselend, ernstige moeheid , ontstekingen van de galwegen binnen en buiten de lever. Soms gevolgd door een scepsis, hierdoor levensbedreigende situaties als gevolg. Vele malen veel anti biotica gehad, cocktails ervan en andere combinaties. In 2017 wederom ernstig ziek met scepsis, breed spectrum antibiotica blijkt niet meer te werken (resistent). Ook is er Colitus Ulcerosa vastgesteld met weken lange ontstekingen in de darm en diarree met slijmvorming. De specialisten durven niet opnieuw een ERCP te doen, vanwege het grote risico van een nieuwe scepsis. Oftewel; we kunnen niets doen, tenzij er weer een spoedopname nodig is...Ikzelf zie een nieuwe ERCP ook niet zitten met alle risico's van dien.Via via te horen gekregen dat een apparaat met ledlicht goed zou kunnen helpen. Hoewel ik erg sceptisch ( geloofde er helemaal niet van, maar had niets te verliezen) was ten opzichte van deze lampen, direct een sessie gedaan met de led lichten. Resultaat was voor mij onvoorstelbaar positief. Direct na de behandeling moe en loom , dit wisselend door de dagen van behandeling heen. ( 3 maal per week een sessie, 3 weken achtereen.) Meest opvallend was reeds binnen 1 week: een pijnlijke plek in de bovenbuik was verdwenen, wel andere activiteit van lever gevoeld ( aanwezigheid, zeker geen echte pijn. Opvallend: Deze plek was sinds 2013 permanent aanwezig, een pijnlijk plekje in de leverstreek.Indien deze pijn erger werd, was een scepsis het gevolg; een ernstige waarschuwing dus. Deze pijnlijke plek is verdwenen!. Nu veel meer energie en levenslust. Lichamelijke oefeningen welke zeer moeizaam verliepen zijn zeer sterk verbetert. Sommige oefeningen, welke vóór de behandeling uit maximaal 7 herhalingen bestond, zijn binnen een paar dagen na behandeling ruim 3X verbeterd, 20 tot 30 herhalingen zonder verzuring van de spieren! Uiteraard kon ik zoveel verbeteren, omdat ik ook in erg slechte conditie was. Ik werd emotioneel van de uitkomsten, zo onvoorstelbaar positieve uitslagen door een lamp?!.Nu superblij met de Xpoboost en kan ik dagelijks mezelf behandelen.Iemand die helemaal gezond is, zal waarschijnlijk niet zo'n groot verschil merken. Hoewel ik ook gelezen heb van onderzoeken bij sporters die hun prestaties ook duidelijk verbeteren. Op zijn er erg veel onderzoeken te vinden waaruit blijkt dat fotobiomodulatie ontzettend positieve uitslagen genereert en veel bij kan dragen aan onze gezondheid en sterkte.VastenTevens begonnen met op 1 a' 2 dagen per week te vasten, en maatregelen genomen om PH waarde op een gunstig peil te brengen. Dit door het "natuurlijk vasten in de ochtend" als je nog slaapt, te verlengen. Ik eet dan ruim een halve dag niet en drink (1 liter) water met Backingsoda ( 1 vol theelepeltje merk arm&Hammer) ,opgelost in citoenzuur. Dus eerst theelepel backingsoda in een kom, 1 citroen uitgeperst erbij, dan aanvullen met lauw water (niet uit de kraan, koud water verwarmen). Ook dit heeft bij mij zeer gunstige effecten. Nu na maanden verder te zijn vast ik nog ca 1x per week.Ik ben overtuigd dat je door voeding ook je ontstekingen "voedt" ( zeker door verkeerde voeding), en stel je dat even uit, dan kan de ontsteking rust krijgen en afnemen.MedicijnenEr is eigenlijk al geen medicijn om PSC tegen te gaan, maar kreeg al 10 jaar ursodeoxucholzuur.Gestopt met medicatie Ursodeoxycholzuur, en gestopt met Salofalk. Salofalk bevat Aspartaam wat kankerverwekkend is...dat krijg ik van de specialist in het ziekenhuis..Nu dagelijks 2x een behandeling van 15 a 20 minuten met de Xpoboost (maxi) led lamp. Ik blijf nu bijna constante energie houden en weinig pijn, geen jeuk.Colitis is weggebeleven en ik kan nu beter tegen gluten en kan zelfs som een beetje "zondigen"qua voeding, dat is een erg groot verschil!Er verbetert echt iets in de basis van je lichaam en dat voel je, al 10 jaar heb ik het gevoel gehad, dat alles wat ik eet, niet goed opgenomen wordt.Dat gevoel heb ik nu niet meer.Allesomvattend: ongelofelijk resultaat wat ik NOOIT verwacht had.Tuurlijk, volgens de wetenschap heb ik een progressieve zeldzame aandoening waar niets aan te doen valt, maar wat ik nu voel en kan ten opzichte van vóór de licht therapie is vele malen positiever. Ik zie de toekomst weer positiever tegemoet en durf weer plannen te maken!

MichelLiver disease PSC and colitis

Familiar with primar sclerosing cholangitis for 5 years. After major abdominal surgery, the Whipple surgery, the surgeon removes the part of the pancreas, along with the duodenum, the gallbladder and a part of the bile duct. Even after more than half a year, little improvement and condition deteriorated. I saw more and more white, gray and later even really gray. After using the Xpoboost LED lamp, significantly more and more constant energy. Even within 4 weeks already a lot of improvement and I get to hear this from acquaintances, who are happy that I look healthy again. Unbelievable that this is possible. I had never believed this, and in principle I also said, I don't believe in those lights. I am so glad I came across this, I can recommend it to anyone.

JohnLiver disease PSC and whipple surgery

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